Equal pay: Can we achieve it?

lep_equalpayequalwork_memeNovember 1st was Latina Equal Pay Day – the day each year when Latina women have finally worked enough to earn the same as a white man would have earned in the previous year. It may be hard to believe that it takes 22 months for a Latina to earn what a white man earns in a year, but it’s true – Latinas earn just 55 cents for each dollar that a white non-Hispanic male earns. The National Women’s Law Center has a collection of statistics, fact sheets and other resources you can use to learn more about how the gender pay gap affects Latina women and their families: http://latinaequalpay.org/.
Black workers also face a significant and growing pay gap, especially at higher income levels. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) has a new study showing how this disappointing racial wage gap is getting worse. In addition, Black women are paid just 63 cents for every dollar that a white man earns.
To find out how the pay gap affects you individually, check out the EPI’s new pay gap calculator. The interactive tool shows you how much you could be earning – and what you’d get paid if the wage gap ceased to exist. As dispiriting as it can sometimes be to learn just how far women in the workforce still have to go, it’s encouraging that the labor movement, as well as the movement for gender and racial justice, are throwing their full weight and backing behind the push for equal pay for all women. Let’s keep pushing ahead in 2017!