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The Berger-Marks

The Foundation was established with a bequest from the estates of Edna Berger, the first female lead organizer for The Newspaper Guild-CWA, and her husband, the legendary Tin Pan Alley song-writer Gerald Marks.

We seek to bring the benefits of unionization to working women and to assist organizations committed to those principles. The goal is to provide financial assistance to women who are engaged in union organizing and to assist working women who want to organize other women into unions through training, research and other resources

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About Edna Berger
And listen to " All of Me", the song that gave us our start

Berger-Marks grants

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The Next Generation: A Handbook for Mentoring Future Union Leaders.




Released in February, 2014:

Women’s Committees in Worker Organizations:
Are they making a difference?



Stepping Up, Stepping Back: Women Activists ‘Talk Union’ Across Generations.




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awards ceremony

"I’d like to thank Berger-Marks... for the vision that it takes to recognize the critical need to build and to support women’s leadership.”
– Jennifer Epps-Addison,
2013 Edna Award winner

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